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I have images in portrait and landscape. I quickly dragged a gallery to a page and dragged one of each size into a gallery and see the widget changes the ratio to the size of the gallery. my question is, can the widget display a portrait image in its original ratio as well as a landscape in it's original ratio in the same gallery?


Or would I have to take a white bg in landscape and drop the portrait image inside that in Photoshop for this to display correctly?





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    As much as I like the gallery widget, I think it doesn't handle images as intuitvely as I'd wish. If you have a mix and match of landscape and portrait images or have different size images of the same orientation, it will try to adjust the images clumsily to display the gallery. My advice is to try to standardize the images and make them identical is size and orientation, unless you want that zoomed-in or cropped effect that often results from Gallery making adjustments on its own.