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I am wondering when Apple will start supporting reminder/task synchronisation between iCal---iCloud---Office 2011 Mac. Even though new Office versions have been released Outlook 2011 will be around for some time and this would be something rather simple to create right?

The strange things is that it is supported for Outlook 2011 Windows.


So when I have dual boot I can see my Icloud reminders as tasks in Outlook but if I boot on Mac i can't see them in Outlook. How weird is that Apple...?


If Apple is not going to do anything about this, is there anything possible with a script perhaps that works between iCal and Outlook 2011 Mac? that would be a proper workaround at least.


Also curious actually as to why this functionality was not added.

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.5), Microsof Outlook 2011 Mac/Windows