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Hi. I'm having problems playing action builds from my Mac on my Keynote 1.7.1 (741) iPad app.

I'm using opacity ease in and out on charts, chart legends, text boxes and shapes and it works perfect on the Mac, but not when I try to play it on the iPad. Only the categories shows and they are also behaving strangely.


Is there something I'm doing wrong or is it a bug? Thought Keynote 1.7 and later should be able to play action builds..


And if it is a bug: Is there anyone who got tips on what features I can use to get approximately the same result while I'm waithing for Apple to fix it?



Thank you so much for your help!

iPad 2, iOS 6.1
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    Keynote for IOS 1.7 apparently does not currently allow you to create or import "smart builds" of multiple objects such as those created in Keynote 09 for Mac. When you import a presentation with a smart build into Keynote on an IOS device you will see an error message saying the smart build was not imported. You CAN do basic in and out builds of SINGLE objects such as fade in and fade out.


    I, too, am very disappointed in not being able to build an image slide show since I consider this a basic object build feature. I would hope that correcting this deficiency is a priority for updates.


    The only possible work around I can think of is to create images of the objects you want to cycle through and bring them into a movie editor such as IMovie to create a slideshow Quicktime video, then insert a single .mov file into your presentation. That will import and play on IOS Keynote.

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    I was contacted by the iWork team after posting this question and they asked me to send them the file I had problems with, so hopefully that means they have a update in the works..

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    If you hear different from Apple Support or they let you know that an update that will allow smartbuuilds is in the works, can you post a reply?


    I am in the process of creating a self-guided tour for a non-profit automobile museum in Califorina using Keynote and IPads. Its coming along very weil but there are a few things that I want to do that are not-supported by the IOS version of Keynote. Embedded slide shows showing details of the exhibited cars and historical photos that provide context is one of them.

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    Hi traveler.rfa


    I have not forgotten you, but the case is that I haven't heard anything more from the iWork team yet. Looks like the problem stil is there in the 1.7.2 update..