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I am new on both final cut X and my new camera Panasonic AG-HMC40P from panasonic. Therefor I have some, perhaps, very basic questions that I hope You can help me with based on problems with import.

And forgive - my english is not the best - i know!


1. Does this camera (what is the "callname" for this camera?) allways shoot in .MTS files?


2. When i want to import the 5 files, and i put in the SD-card in my Imac, the files are found in a folder in Private > AVCHD > BDMV > > STREAM - is this the right place for them to be?

I think the quality was very grey and unclear, but maybe that was my own fault based on cameraskills more than the import.


I then copy the files to the desktop (drag and drop) and opens FC X. When I choose import I can choose between "from Media, Imovie project, imovieEventLibrary or XMnL." It is not poosible for me to choose" Reimport from camera/Archive".

Should I have opened Imovie and copyed the files in there and then choose import from imovie project? would the quality be even worse from this? I guess it would make the files smaller in size and therefore a worse quality?


Could i import the files from the camera instead using a USB cabel, and should i then choose Reimport from camera/archive or? And whay does it say reimport?

There is no log and transfer / capture like i know from fc6...


Or should i choose import from media. When i do, the SD card opens up and i can import the files from there?


Or should i convert it to e.g appleprores maybe using Mpeg streamclip? That is what I was used to (worked on canon60D and fc6 before)


What settings should fc X have when i edit the files?


When i export the film, what settings should it have? H264 ?


Hope someone will help. I know it is a lot, but I am really ,lost. I have looked at some previously posts about this subject but I did not understand theese fully.




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