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I am new on both final cut X and my new camera Panasonic AG-HMC40P from panasonic. Therefor I have some, perhaps, very basic questions that I hope You can help me with based on problems with import.

And forgive - my english is not the best - i know!


1. Does this camera (what is the "callname" for this camera?) allways shoot in .MTS files?


2. When i want to import the 5 files, and i put in the SD-card in my Imac, the files are found in a folder in Private > AVCHD > BDMV > > STREAM - is this the right place for them to be?

I think the quality was very grey and unclear, but maybe that was my own fault based on cameraskills more than the import.


I then copy the files to the desktop (drag and drop) and opens FC X. When I choose import I can choose between "from Media, Imovie project, imovieEventLibrary or XMnL." It is not poosible for me to choose" Reimport from camera/Archive".

Should I have opened Imovie and copyed the files in there and then choose import from imovie project? would the quality be even worse from this? I guess it would make the files smaller in size and therefore a worse quality?


Could i import the files from the camera instead using a USB cabel, and should i then choose Reimport from camera/archive or? And whay does it say reimport?

There is no log and transfer / capture like i know from fc6...


Or should i choose import from media. When i do, the SD card opens up and i can import the files from there?


Or should i convert it to e.g appleprores maybe using Mpeg streamclip? That is what I was used to (worked on canon60D and fc6 before)


What settings should fc X have when i edit the files?


When i export the film, what settings should it have? H264 ?


Hope someone will help. I know it is a lot, but I am really ,lost. I have looked at some previously posts about this subject but I did not understand theese fully.




Final Cut Pro X
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    I read this, but I dont have that buttom in my fc X??


    "When working with AVCHD footage in FCP X, the key to importing .MTS files is to use the “Import from camera…” dialog and NOT the “Import…” dialog. This is true when using either a memory card or importing the footage from your hard drive."

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    1. Yes. The format it shoots is called AVCHD. .mts is just the video stream, but the card holds a lot more data about the media that's needed by FCP.


    2. Do NOT copy the .mts files from the card. Either import from the card or import from a camera archive. You have to copy the whole card, everything that's on the card into a folder or camera archive. Once you've done that, simply use Cmd-I and select the folder. Nothing else. You do ever have to go inside the card folder structure.


    You can't use Streamclip for this.


    You use the same settings in FCP as your media. When you put a video clip first into a project it will set the project properties.


    When you export depends on where you're exporting to. There are many, many options for sharing.


    Get a good book or online video tutorial.

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    What you read is probably for an older version of FCP. There is now only a single import button for importing, except for XML or reimport from camera or from iMovie.

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    Thank you for answering.


    So I should in FC choose import from media and then import from the card? Or should i cpoy the whole card? Is it two different ways of doing it? Just to be clear.

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    I should not use the imovie import, or??

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    You can import directly from the camera with the camera connected with USB. Generally it's a good diea to backup your camera card to a separate hard drive for safety and import from that.


    You simply click the import button. First button, left side of the toolbar. Assuming the current version of the application.


    Do not use iMovie for anything unless you have to.

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    Okay, great. Can I also import directly from SD-card? Or was that not possible, thanks.

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    Yes, you can import directly from the card using a card reader or from the camera.