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    Anyone experiencing this problem please add your experiences to this thread:



    This is a server glitch at that will not be resolved until Apple fixes it.

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    A temp fix...


    If you delete one of the repeating events on your iphone or mac they all disappear on the web calendar. They are still there but are invisible for some strange reason.


    I found if you then edit the next occurance of the repeating event on your iphone or mac ie. edit the title. it will re-appear in the web version. you can then edit the title back to its orignal title


    Not a solutuon but helps a little i guess

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    It's only temporary -- the next time you launch the browser, those appointments will disappear again.

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    Same problem here. Everything is normal on my iPhone and iPad calendars, and on iCal. But most recurring events disappeared from calendar.

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    Well it's nice to know that my eyes are not playing tricks on me.  I have the same problem, and I LOVE using my icloud calendar when I'm at my PC (which I am 6 + hours a day).  I need this fixed asap.  I did the upgrade for iOS, which may have contributed to the problem as I had difficulties even logging into Calendar after that.  I had to download Safari 5.1.7 for windows and use icloud as my homepage to access it.  Too much for work for what is supposed to be a very simple product.

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    Possible Solution: 


    I've been experiencing the same frustrations.  Started a couple of weeks ago.  Witnessed all of my weekly icloud appointments disappear before my eyes, but they remained on my iPhone and my iPad.  I'm guessing this fix has already been posted somewhere, but here's what Applecare told me to do.  It's worked, at least so far. 


    1.  Delete icloud from your iPhone.  (Settings - iCloud - Delete Account).

    2.  It will ask for a confirmation.  Select Delete.

    3. Very Important - It will then give you the option of keeping the information on your iPhone.  Make sure you select this option.

    4. Power off your iPhone and turn it back on.

    5. Go back into Settings - iCloud, and re-create an iCloud account using the same Apple ID as the one associated with the calendar you're trying to fix.

    6. Select the "Merge" option when prompted.  This will merge your iPhone calendar with the iCloud.  Make sure Calendars is set to the "on" position in iCloud Settings.


    That's it.  When I followed these instructions, I watched the missing appointments reappear in my iCloud.  It wasn't perfect.  For whatever reason it didn't merge my most recently added events from my iPhone during the last 24 hours or so.  But relatively speaking, I can live with that.


    Hope this helps.

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    Don't know if anyone else's is fixed but mine fixed themselvs today. I assume Apple fixed whatever software bug that was causing it.

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    Same with me. I have several repeating events -- a daily event, a weekend event, and an event that occurs every month on the 15th. They appear just fine on my iPhone and Mac Air, but on iCloud they disappear just about every day. They seem to "reappear" if I make a modification (for example, add a space or a letter or something) via my my iPhone.

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    I feel so embarrassed..., I convinced my dad to make the move from Samsung to Apple and he now has a Mac mini, and iPad and an iPhone 5... He's calander events have been dissapearing for weeks now and everytime I manage to get them back on iCloud, they some more events dissapear...! He has a very busy schedule and this is creating a lot of problems for him. Most recently some events dissapeard from his iPad, iPhone and iCloud, but they are stil on his Mac mini...

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    I just had the inverse happen. Two weekly repeating events disappeared from my iPhone for no reason. The two events belong to a calendar with other weekly repeating events, yet only two of them disappeared, and they've been there for months before. They still showed up on my MBP. I decided to edit a single letter in the location for each one, then changed it back, and eventually they reappeared on my phone like nothing happened.

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    I found out, by looking at the listed events in calendar, that some calendars were not showing. Each has its own color. With my default calendar I used a custom setting (green).  by clicking Calendar at top left and then the arrow to right of the default calendar I changed the color to brown and all the events reappeared. Hope this helps.

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    HELP!!!!!!  I don't know why but my appointments all disappeared from my iPhone 5 and my iPad today and I made absolutely no changes!!!!  I don't remember many of the longer term appointments I made.  I followed the advice in the thread above but it has not brought back my appointments.  I don't add them to my computer - just those two devices.  I am really upset!

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    Ok. This is easy. In calendars. Tap on calendars top left and it will show a list of all calendars. Work, home etc. One will be default. To right is arrow. Click on that and it will show you a color for that calendar. If it is a custom color then change it to a color that is listed instead of custom. You will find all your entries will magically  reappear. Good luck. A glitch yes but easily remedied if the people at apple really cared!

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    I did the process recommended above and I'm still missing 6 months worth of appointments.  How can I get the rest of my calendar back?

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    I have the same problem and did process all the recommended above and nothing works. I need to have all my passed events back at least from 2011. Anyone has any ideas?