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I am using Keynote. Each slide begins with a name of a contact and the data on the slide is all about this individual. Over time, this presentation will keep growing and possibly reach a few hundred slides.


To help with organizing, is there a way to sort the name (or Header field) of every slide so that my presentation is always sorted based on the name on each page?


Apprecaite your help. 

iMac, iOS 6.1
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    not as far as i know, however, if it helps, you can organize the slides into subsections: locate the slide that is to be the beginning of a section and drag the one(s) immediately below slightly to the right.

    now you can easily move around the sections and sort them the way you want them to be without dragging individual slides...

    You can even close a section by clicking on the small triangle next to the slide that is the "section head".


    I hope this helps.



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    In Keynote, slides can only be sorted manually, click and drag, they will be sorted on opening in the same order you last rearranged the slides.


    In Outline view, the title will appear, and it will make rearranging easier.