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For some reason when I record using my Blue Yeti Pro microphone, it's a lot of times a robot voice. I really can't figure out what's the problem, no matter what USB wire I use. I often record my screen using Screenflow, it records it like a robot voice, since a few days, before it didn't do that. I've tried connecting the USB to my keyboard and my mac, it doesn't work, sometimes it won't even output or input anything. Also when I skype or use teamspeak, other say that after a while I sound like a robot, this really bugs me, I just recorded over 3 hours for youtube, after I had finished, I realised my voice was like a robot all the time, I raelly get ****** of this.

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 8GB Ram, 512MB VRam, i5 2,3 GhZ