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I cannot boot. I tried to access bootcamp by restarting with the option key (on my iMac.) It would reboot to the chime but then not continue – I would only get the grey screen. I tried disconnecting what I could (time machine drive, external speakers) and restart; I got the same thing. Then I tried rebooting straight to windows, using the startup disk option in System Preferences. Now I am really stuck. I can’t get to either Windows or my Mac. I am stuck at the grey screen. (I'm asking from my laptop.) What should I do? 

iOS 5.1.1
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    If you are using the Apple wireless Bluetooth keyboard that is the problem. It is not activating soon enough to access the BOOT options.


    Connect a Wired USB keyboard to the system.

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    No I am not using a Bluetooth keyboard. I have been using this set up that I have which is a wired keyboard for a couple of years now without a problem. The problem only recently began.

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    And when you "Hold Down" (It'a not just a Press of the key) the Option key you don't get the boot menu screen?



    If that is the case, when holding down the option key at boot, then your system is faulty. Could be the keyboard or the computer. For either you need to take it to Apple and have it looked at.

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    I was afraid of that. I know about holding down the key - I've been using bootcamp for a couple of years already. I was hoping that there was some diagnostic, or self-repair process Apple offers to fix these sorts of issues. I don't think it's the keyboard, because my 'big' problem started when I tried to use the 'reboot to windows' command from the startup options. That bypasses the keyboard and sent me to this blind alley I can't get out of.

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    The Startup Disk Options, in Sys Preferences, does not ByPass the Computers ability to use the Option or Command keys, plus modifier keys, when the system is booting. All those are Firmware options and totally independent of any OS options. That is exactly why those Boot Option key presses work, IE to bypass the system starting from the internal hard drive or to select a specific option from the internal disk.


    If you tried a different keyboard and you still can't get the Option Key Boot Menu to come up then there is something wrong in the firmware.

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    It is a Problem with the Mac Hardware.