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You used to be able to get the length of a selection by highlighting a section within a list.

Anyway to do this in the new version?




Logic Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    It's not clear that I'm talking about iTunes!!

    I upgraded to the new version and now don't seem to be able to work around some of the functionality I used to use


    I'm trying to find a way to measure the length of time certain songs take up.

    I can see that a playlists total time is highlighted in the left corner of the screen, but I'd like to be able to highlight x amount of songs and see what that adds up to.


    Also; highlighting a list and then copy/pasting into numbers used to be something I used around 10 times a day. If anyone knows of a quicker way than exporting as a text file etc. I would be V grateful.



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    For your first problem, click View menu >> Show Status Bar.  Then, when you have more than 1 song selected, info is displayed at the bottom of the screen.


    Don't know about your second issue.

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    Thanks so much

    I thought it must be something silly!!!


    Anyone else that can please help with the copy/paste thing, I would super appreciate it