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Hello. If anyone can help me, I will greatly appreciate it. I have searched everywhere in the Discussions for help and have found none.

I usually connect to a lan network over a ethernet cable. I have never been asked to input any numbers or addresses (DNS and such), it just automatically works.

Today I downloaded the Security Patch and afterwards RESTORED THE PERMISSIONS in my laptop. After that, when I plug-in the ethernet cable the computer WILL NOT detect any connections.

I can connect wirelessly, but not through cables...WHAT CAN I DO??

Powerbook 12", Mac OS X (10.4.6), 1.25Gb RAM, 80Gb HD, Superdrive
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    In Network Preferences, try creating a new location, and disable all ports except for Ethernet. Under "Show", select "Network status". Plug in the cable and tell us what happens - what color the "status" light is, and what (if any) IP address the connection receives.