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Help me spend some money lol. I'm considering getting a new MacBook Pro and some relatively standard interface and microphones. I'd be recording acoustic, electric guitar and at least one vocal track. I like Garageband. I just bought an iPhone 4 and will be upgrading to the 5 probably within the year. I currently run an iBook G4 with Tiger and Garageband 1. Still with me? After watching Apples '11 keynote I'm under the impression Apple has demoted the pc and is putting all emphasis on the cloud as well as basing OSX on iOS. Seems the iPhone can almost replace a PC nowadays. In china for instance it's more popular than having a PC. Which begs the question; should I bother investing in a new laptop at all and focus on iPhone gear like the Apogee stuff for my recording? I can't really afford to go both ways and I'll have to live with my decisions for a few years anyhow. Thoughts? Need more info? I respect these boards the most. Since my iPhone I am under a different name but I have been a member here for a good long while. ;)

iPhone 4, iOS 6.0.1