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I can't find the print handouts using greyscale within the Keynote print options. Any ideas? I also would like to print with 6 slides on one page in a two column format to save space but I can only seem to find one version of print which is the slides on the far left and open spaces on the far right. Assistance please.

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    I see that if I omit backgrounds that helps. Is there a way to do this without omitting backgrounds?

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    I can't find the print handouts using greyscale


    this is selected in the printer driver section of the print dialogue;

    the specific option will depend on the make of printer

    for HP printers  it will be in;   colour options > print in grayscale




    in a two column format


    there is not a feature in Keynote to print two columns of pictures, however you can do this in the Layout section of the print driver:   set to 6 pages per sheet in a top to bottom and left to right flow

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    Photos for Mac

    Step 1: I open my Keynote handout presentation. I select File/ Print. Keynote defaults to Keynote in drop down box - I select "Layout."


    Step 2: In the "Pages Per Sheet" box, I choose 6. Note: This "Pages per Sheet" choice doesn't appear on the default "Keynote" print screen.


    Step 3: I click "PDF" button in lower left and chose "Save as PDF" This gives me a color pdf - 6 slides per page. In the sample I'm working on, I have now created a 16 MB PDF file


    Now my goal is to convert to gray scale and to reduce the file size.


    Step 4: Open the newly created PDF  handout in Apple Preview. I choose "File/Save As... "


    In the "Quartz Filter"  selection box, I choose "Gray Tone." I save that new gray tone PDF. Nice looking handout, but I have greatly increased the file size. (from 16 to 103 MB). Too big to send to the client!


    Step 5: I open the newly created Gray Tone version of the pdf in Preview and do another "Save As..." Just like in step 4. This time in the  "Quartz Filter" selection box, I choose "Reduce File Size." That creates a new PDF with file size reduced from 103 MB to 5.7 MB (Even smaller than 16 MB color PDF I created in step 3)


    Not the most elegant solution if you are used to the ease of doing this in PowerPoint .

    Hope this helps!