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Monday night, I fearfully plugged my phone into my PC after I updated to the new ITunes. (And freshly installed Icloud).

I had hopes of backing up my phone so in case of issues- i would not loose everything.


I say fearfully plugged in because in November- the last Iphone IOS  software update- I plugged my phone in to my computer and it got stuck in Recovery mode. It would not let me Restore. I continued to get error 1604.


So, I switched and plugged my phone into my husbands computer and finally - after about 7 hours - it Restored back to factory.


Now...Monday night, I was optimistic. "Maybe what happened before was a fluke."




Same thing. Same song. And apples genius tech support for the NWT, is via phone only (Really...really smart. Especially when your only phone is a brick stuck in recovery mode).


I tried everything. Holding home/off button. Uninstalling and reinstalling itunes. Using EVERY different USB port the computer had. Rebooted. Reglogged. Reset the computer to the daybefore .


Now. I am sitting again with no photos. no videos. nothing. And I am fearfull to plug my phone in again to attempt to throw music on to it. (Guess ill be working out to the tunes of music in my head).


Am I doing something wrong?


Has this happened before to someone: where every single time you plug your phone in to do an update/back it up on itunes...it gets stuck in recovery mode.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1