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Hey everyone


I have a new Ipad (4th) since december 25 (january) also have a MacBook Pro and an iphone 4s. No problems with the last two. But my ipad won't connect anymore to the internet. All of a sudden, out of nowhere... The one hour it worked, the other it didn't work anymore..


Now i can't join any network, while iphone and mac can.. So it's not the network or router, (tried two routers, that worked previously on my ipad)


Tried solutions: - Restart ipad
- turing wifi on/off

- Updating software

- Did a restore..


Even after the restore and set ipad as new ipad, it didn't work.. My ipad can't connect to any network anymore...


Help me please


I really don't understand this is possible with those apple products.. So much money and after all, they don't work... Really dissappointed.


Help sombody?

iPad, iOS 6.0.1
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    You must go to an Apple Store, and they will replace your iPad!!

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    Pfff, really *****! Apple products are all wifi devices, the ipad works just with wifi and that's the thing that fails... Really disappointed in apple!!

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    Went to the Apple Store, the problem is known by apple and they say they are aware of the problem. Seems to be something with the router and the wificard in your ipad, iphone,... They won't replace my ipad,.. you just have to wait until they bring out a new update OR like they told me on the phone: BUY AN APPLE ROUTER AND YOU WILL NEVER HAVE THE PROBLEM, that's what they told me on the phone.


    Worst experience ever with apple!

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    This is impossible, they must change your iPad..


    If they dont wont to change it try to buy that router, if it still doesn't work, the have to change it!!

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    Curious if you are using N only? I am searching for answers as to why my iPad 4 wont connect to N only networks. I wonder if that is your issue. I have a dual band router and if I have 2.4Ghz or 5.0 Ghz band set to N only, I cannot connect, as soon as I change it to Mixed G/N it connects without issue. If iPad supports N, why can I not connect to N only?


    You may want to check your router settings and see... try mixed if you dont already have that on. Also try changing the channel.

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    Wireless Radio : Enabled

    Mixed 802.11n, 802.11g and 802.11b







    These are my settings! (copy paste)



    What do I have to do if they still would refuse the change it? In fact I just searched for the warranty policy of apple.. So I got an problem after an update of apple, they recongized its their fault, their software fault.. In their warranty you can read the following: Cover of breakdown service or replacement with regard to. --> Lacks which arise after supply to the customer.  So in fact i should get a new one?! But i can't obey them or can I? What should I do?




    EDIT: in my router logs I see this a few times: Blocked incoming TCP packet from to as SYN:ACK received but there is no active connection  What does it mean?

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    1 and 13 are popular channels. I would change that to 6 to avoid over lap with neighbors. I would also turn off wifi protect setup. Some things dont like that. Not sure what you are seeing in your log. Maybe someone did a port scan on you. I just flashed my WRT610N router with the latest firmware and it seems to have fixed my N connection issue. I can now connect on N only networks...My firmware was dated from 2009. The latest is only late 2010, but it seems to have helped. How old is your router and maybe you can google for latest firmware for yoru model.

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    Will I have to change something to laptop or iphone when changing channel?
    What is wifi protect setup for?


    I have A Dlink- DIR 655 Router with 1.21 EU firmware, i can update it to 1.34.. I can try that, yet if that's doesn't help or other problems start to come over, is it possile to downgrade back? (i know i'll have to save my router configuration) 


    Can i download apps with mac for my ipad? I mean not to use on my mac, but download the app with my mac and install it on my ipad. Is that possible?

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    I am not making promises here but in your router settings you should be able to save your current firmware and downgrade later. I doubt you would need to downgrade as the more current should not work any worse.


    If you change your wifi channel you dont need to do anything to any of the connected devices. Wifi protect set up is something to do with automatically setting up protected or something. I dont know for sure, google, but you dont need it. I have never used it. Most devices do not support the WPS anyway. Its a simple way to set up security.


    I am on my way to Best Buy to buy a new Apple router since mine is so old and see if that helps me out some...

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    I'm on trip now for 3 days, but I'll keep you posted and will try this when i'm back home!