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Search revealed this from 2007:



Area Archived and link [or my ISP] won't let me in.


Loaded Safari on a PC [xp] and when I tried to import the mac bookmarks it froze the system [both xp & xp pro]

Import won't work.

Opening the bookmark file [ with Safari PC ] reveals the file and the links.


Other than "Click and Manual Add" each from the displayed file...is there another way to get them in to Safari PC? ie


Is there a file modification to a Mac Bookmark file which will make it acceptable to Windows Safari for Import?



-wbajr tbc

  • Wesley B. Argo, Jr. Level 1 (55 points)

    Homework: Safari 5.1.7 on XP machine.

    Solution: oldapps.com.

    Downloaded the last of versions of Safari [ 3 | 4 | & the first 5]


    The symptom: Opening the bookmarks...any change to the Bookmarks Bar caused the system to crash.

    Screen would go to a solid color and the PC had to be rebooted.

    Often CHKDSK had to be run.


    Import bookmarks [from a mac xport file] caused 5 to crash and I could not delete the gratis [IE Favorites]

    On Version 4 we were able to import bookmarks | delete bookmark folders | but then crash on trying to resurect the Bookmarks Bar.


    Version 3? Worked. Bookmark Bar could be reconfigured with out crash.

    Read a lot about webkit2webprocess.exe.

    Noted that Safari 3 does not invoke this process. Assume that to be the culprit given my xp setup.


    Next Phase: add in Version 4...5 and see if the crash occurrs again.

    No matter how many times I "removed" or "reset" the PC Safari: existing bookmarks came back on the next install. Plist files could not be deleted without Windows telling me to run CHKDSK...which resurected the plist.


    Will post results of the above mentioned "next phase".

    This was an all weekend "argument with the PC".

    Knowing in advance what you can't do...saves a lot of time.


    -wbajr tbc