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I am using iMessages and my wife is using iChat.  She signed into iChat using her Google account.  When I try to message her, it says that her account is not registered with iMessages.  Why can't I send her a message?

iChat, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), She is on OS X 10.6
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    iChat can use AIM accounts, Jabber or Yahoo in iChat 6 as well as the Bonjour option.


    You cannot chat Jabber to AIM  or Yahoo to Jabber or even Bonjour to any of the others.

    It is AIM to AIM or Jabber to Jabber.


    In Messages as well as AIM, Bonjour, Jabber and Yahoo you have the ability to run an iMessages Account


    The iMessages account can send Text messages only to Apple IDs and iPhone Numbers on Apple iOS devices and those using an iMessage Account in Messages.


    A GoogleMail (GoogleTalk) ID will not be an iMessages account is used in iChat.

    That is not to say the Google Mail ID is not an Apple ID and may be used as such on an iPhone or iPad.


    You cannot iMessages any of the other services.

    You need to get an Google Mail ID, Enable Talk on the Google Settings and then enter it as an Account in Messages Menu > Preferences > Accounts > Click the + icon lower left and Change the top items drop down to GoogleTalk.


    (Or get a new wife with a Mountain Lion computer )



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