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Can I still use iWeb, it wants me to login to mobile me but does not recognize my login

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    Yes, but you need to find a different hosting service. MobileMe is closed.



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    You can continue to use iWeb but, you will need to use the FTP or publish site to a local folder option.


    Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 11.08.13 AM.png


    You will need a 3rd party web host to upload your websites to. Depending on the version of iWeb you are using you have a couple of publishing options:


    iWeb '09 (3.0.4) you can publish to an FTP Server or a local folder. ( With the built in FTP in iWeb you will end up with an address like "www.YourDomain.com/sitename/Home.html )


    iWeb '08 you can publish your website to a local folder



    I have been using IX Web hosting for several years with little to no problems "usually the problem was something I did" and they have been quick to solve any issue I have come across. The have plans that start at $3.95 a mo (USD) and their customer service is top notch.






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    If you browse this forum you will find that MMe has closed and that you will have find a webhost.


    It has been discussed several times a day every day in this forum and every Apple related website for almost two years now.


    But you can also wait for these answers to be delivered to you.


    Three, two, one....

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    I must learn to type faster.

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    I know right.

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    Sort of like this:



    to this:





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    Yup, I am probably somewhere in between

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    I've replied to a couple of posts where 3 of use posted at the same time. The OP must have been either amazed at the rush to help or scared at the pouncing.

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    It's like we all have the same schedule or something.