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This is a strange question to ask I know, but bear with me please.


I had a go on the iPhone5 in an Apple store at the weekend.  I was with someone who has the 4S, and she tried it too.


When we both held one of these lovely looking phones in our left hands, and reached our thumbs to the top left (which you do regularly to go back to mailboxes etc), it slid right through my hand.  And to my amazement, it slid through her iphone-expert hand too!


I've read a vast amount of forums and reviews on the phone.  Some talk about "scuff gate", some about is it too light and so on.  A few say it is too light, and thus with the alu backing, it's too easy to slip out of your hand.  One said "It's like wet soap in your hand".


I was using it with my little finger under the base of the phone, cradling it.  As I do with my current handset.  She did this too.  And couldn't reach the top left.  When we both did, we found our fingers letting to to reach for it and ....... yep, slipped right through!


I've watched the video promo for it, and the way the person holds the phone is not a natural way to hold it - is it??  When the hand reaches down to the bottom right corner, it looks like a "double jointed" move to me.  Only to make the reach to the top left look easy.


Is it really that slippery, that yet again, you need to cover a beautiful design, with a black or pretty coloured rubber case?

You watch the video promos and they so often say how stunning the new design is.  How they take photos to get the design looking slap-bang on.  And they do - it does look geniusly brilliant.


And then the customer has to cover it up for all manner of reasons.


But that aside.... is it slippery?