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I have always used the same 3 passwords for everything. 3 are too many for me. I forget them and need to reset. Now, I can no longer use passwords I know and can remember. The new requirements for length, types of characters and stuff is really hard. I came up with a good one, but because it was new, I forgot. Then they say you can't reuse your passwords! Everytime I forget, I have to make-up something new to forget.


I have a request for reasonable accomodation under the ADA.  I need an exception on my account that will let me use a recent password. I do not mind going through security questions.  I can remember the answers to those!  I am disabled.  I need this assistance for account accessibility.  I do not believe accomodating my problems from traumatic brain injury would be unreasonable.


Apple can't pay for enough peoople to actually do customer assistance, I guess. They just think we all have the same issues, they've heard it all before, and you can hunt and find your answer.  This forum was all I saw that could lead to human interaction about this.


I'd also love advice for other popular sites, if you have any.


I put this under physical and motor skills because my brain has been physically damaged.  Notice they don't even have a category for mental and learning disabilities.


Sorry for the "rant," but I have cried over my keyboard too many times now. Added to all the other stress of a TBI, now my ability to use the Internet is going down the toilet. It is my only interaction with the world beyond my walls and family.