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I'm using a retina macbook pro, I use pages to create quotes for work, and over the last year or two have created thousands of pages documents!


I export each one as a PDF to email, but leave the original doc untouched, however, each pages file takes up 8mb approx and they're eating up my HDD!!


I can open each file individually and click reduce file size, which reduced them to around 800kb


Is there anyway to create a script or automater action that will open up each file within a set folder and reduce the file size to save my poor little SSD?




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    I highly recommend Archiver, available in the App Store, it compresses anything you drag onto it, to a wide variety of formats.


    I use compressed .dmg archives for material I don't want to change but want to quickly access by mounting on the Desktop.


    I use 7z for all the rest because it has the best compression.