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In the Podcasts app for a particular podcast, it will list episodes with newest first, indicate whether they have been played or not, and give you the option to download any episode that is not already on your iPhone.  I have one podcast that I listen to regularly, and it's set to only keep the last 3 episodes.  Usually it works fine.  When I download the latest, the oldest one then gets removed from my phone, leaving always 3 episodes on the phone.  That last episode that was removed will then show up again with the arrow button to let me download if it I wish.


But what about episodes that I delete manually by swiping left?  If I want to delete an episode manually, I swipe left and the Delete button appears, but then that episode disappears completely from the episode listing.  What do I do if later on I want to download it again?  I don't see how to access it at all.  Anyone know?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1, 32 GB