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    I have also had this problem for about 10 days. I rely on the iCloud web interface for my calendars on my work computer (Windows, with no Outlook), so it gives me real problems. Since I can't rely on the iPhone (4S, iOS 6.1.1) either I'm thinking that I need to switch to Gcal if the problem isn't solved soon.


    My Calendar apps on the Macs at home don't lose any items. My iPhone loses some, but not as many as the iCloud web interface. It's mainly recurring events where I have changed one single item as you all have described, but some singular items have started to disappear from both the web interface and the iPhone too. It's not the same items – e g I have two recurring events on February 21., one is missing from the iPhone and the other from the web interface. Some singular items the next weekend have disappeared from the iPhone but are seen in the web interface. Really weird!

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    This is a helpful observation

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    I'm having this problem too. All of my re-occurring events disappear off of icloud. They remain on my iPhone and my iPad. I have all of the same problems described by everyone in this thread. I've tried some of the shorter fixes but to no avail. It's really frustrating because I routinely use the desktop web interface of icloud to put in work appointments and check my availability for work while on the phone with customers. I can't do that now, I have to have my phone and iPad out just to be sure I'm not double booking. Very, very, very frustrating!

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    Thanks ApBear for the input.  I may have missed some nuances in my efforts to assess and try to "fix" the problem.  So it is possible that the trigger for the deletion of the entire recurring event is a change in one or more instances of a recurring event, but not all of them (were you able to confirm that changing all events did not trigger a loss of data?)  And thanks for pinpointing the Feb 6 date that the situation started.


    All of my devices are set to default to EST.  Only one of my recurring events are showing up on, the others having completely disappeared, but it has time-shifted to PST (I entered the event as 9:30 EST and it is showing up as 6:30 EST) three hours; that is the "rationale" for my WAG re PST vs EST.


    I agree that the issue with recurring events disappearing from the webpage is both predictable and repeatable, and that the Apple engineers should be able to replicate the issue in their shop.


    I have seen nothing on this discussion forum nor in my experience that contradicts my surmise that all is well with the iCloud sinching with iOS devices (including Macs, I assume).  So I would guess that the issue is somewhere in the iCloud web interface with the iCloud data.  It may be as simple as a coding error in the Calendar display routines, which should be showing the same data that the iOS devices are showing.


    Can anyone else offer input?  I would like to see this resolved ASAP. 

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    I too have been having some repeated appointments recently dissapearing off of icloud but still showing normally on my iphone 4S. Some of my appointments are fine while other weekly events appear to the end of February but then dissapear from March onwards. If I open the appointment, it still gives the correct end date and if I try to make any change it says, "Your changes to this event couldn't be saved because of a server error. Please try again."   Very frustrating and dissapointing that this has already gone on for so many days.

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    Now that I've read most of the postings here, I feel it's very important to shout as loud as I can: I have the same problem too! Started around february 6, affecting recurring events where one (or more?) had been deleted (or changed?). iCal on my iMac is OK, but iCloud, iPhone and iPad is NOT OK. Seems to be the same events missing on both the devices and iCloud.


    I'm horrified that Apple needs a certain amount of people having this problem before considering to work with it. I'm sure everyone needs to rely on their calendar - is there a person who can say that "My appointments are not importent in my life" ??  Dear Apple; I've been a devoted custemer since the 80's and love your products and your filosiphy, but I have to say: iCal and it's syncing functions has to be 100% reliable, or else it is ALMOST useless. PLEASE FIX THIS AND LET US ALL HAVE THE EXPERIENCE WE LOVE; THAT IT JUST WORKS!

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    This is a really helpful thread. Nice to know you’re not alone. Don’t assume that Apple looks at, monitors or take action following posts here. There is no point showing your disappointment at Apple here, they won’t see it.


    The only way to have a hope of getting this fixed is to call Apple. Escalate your call, give the same info as everyone else so that Apple knows it’s the same problem (basically) that others are having. If they give your reference number or ticket number then perhaps share it here so others can use it… you never know, it might help.

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    Apple tried many possible solutions with me with no avail. The Senior Technician seemed very confused about the whole situation. I will try calling her again this week.


    Something I noticed, and maybe it is the same with all of you, is when I add an event on my phone, that is when all of my reoccuring events disappear. Everything remains on iCal on my Macbook. Evidentally everything is still saved on the iCloud because when I delete my calendar from my computer, it will restore the reoccuring events to my iCal yet not appear on the iCloud website.


    Hope this helps someone who knows more about Apple software than I do.

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    Whoisclu's instructions worked for me for the two events I have that had disappeared; however, I wouldn't call it a solution.   It's really more of a work-around, and Apple still needs to look into this.


    Also, when I edited one of my events -- reset the start date, end date, etc -- and then went to save it, I received a server error.  I reported that to Appled and then went back to a different instance of the same event, edited the start/end dates, and it saved fine.


    I have a feeling the problem lies w/ repeating events that have exceptions.  Just my 2 cents!


    Goodl luck, everyone!

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    My case number with Apple is 410539917. I reported it on Feb 8.  At that time I had NOT figured out it was a problem with recurring events.  Please tell them this is a problem with recurring events where one or more (but not all) have been modified. This is repeatable and they should be able to make it happen to them while you are talking to them.  And be sure they understand how important this is in our lives.

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    While I agree that Apple themselves explicitly disclaim that they provide no technical support on these forums, I still think it is important for everyone experiencing the problem to speak up here. Of course, it is also important for everyone to file with Apple support as well. I have asked a friend who is an Apple CS rep to escalate the issue and to refer not only to my own descriptions, but also to this thread as evidence of it being a widespread problem.


    Mac user sites that report on major problems in OS X or Apple hardware often point to the larger threads in these discussion forums as well and that tends to get Apple's attention.

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    See also the thread "TS3999 iCloud Calendar Inaccurate. "-- more of us there!


    Clearly something must be done.

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    The managing editor of MacTrast ( has kindly agreed to my request to write a post about this issue (and this thread) on his site tomorrow.


    Let's keep spreading the word in the hopes that Apple will eventually repond to and resolve this.

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    As of this morning, all of my recurring events have reappeared on I hope this is the case for everyone else who's been dealing with this for the past two weeks as well.


    Now let's see how long things continue working. Fingers crossed.

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    Just checked. Yes!!! All my recurring events that had disappeared are back!!

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