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    I dont know wat to do either!! All i know is that ever since yesterday, wen i updated my Iphone4 to the latest software, my events from before a year ago ,are not showing up in the list.Only the ones from Feb12-present. & i defo had selected 'sync ALL EVENTS' in the settings before updating etc. Also hav u found that if u remember a date/event, that is lost now ,try gojng to it manually- by going all the way bak to the actual date. U will find that initially its not marked, but wen u click on it to see if anything is written ,it will *** up-& watever ur event was will be there, but then wen u go bak its not there again. That sed, it still wont be in the list -which is wat we need it to be.(cos obviously thats easiest way of seeing all ur important dates). I hav dates there that i always need to refer bak to, like even 3 years ago!(i hav them written somewhere else but its easy access on my iphone)Its defo an error on Apples part so theres no way im gona write all them events again-cos they are there somewhere-but theyre just not being listed nor do they *** up wen u search for them. I dont think anyone shud fiddle with their dates, there must be a sensible solution? Ps: can i stress that this only happened aftr i updated to new software?did it happen to anyone else like this?

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    Oh my goodness! I hadn't even made the connection, but yes I updated to 6.1 the day my repeating events started disappearing from the web. What's weird is that they show up perfectly fine on the phone, though.

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    But thats the problem!! Mine dont show up on my iPhone-theyre not even in the list. My iphone is the only way i chek my dates-wat do u mean by 'they disappear from the web but show up perfectly on the phone')?Also the problem im having is not with recurring events it's with ALL OLD events from before Feb 2012.

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    Well, then you have a different problem than the one being discussed here. You should maybe start a new discussion?

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    Hmm i do think my problem might be slightly different, but its defo connected to this one too, dont u think? Cos dint u say u had ur problem wen u updated? I might strt another discussion if i know how( its only the first time i came on here aftr having this problem!) also my hsbnd has the same problem wen he updated too.

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    2 iPads and 2 iPhones (5) updated to 6.1 on the day it dropped. This issue with some recurring items not displaying on iCloud web app started around 5/6 Feb 2013.


    All items are visible on the iPhones, iPads and on the iMac. It's just an issue with the iCloud web app.


    I've tested on Mac and Windows with the latest versions of Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome on each. Same issue on each.


    Would be good to get this one solved.

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    I also updated an iPhone and an iPad to iOS 6.1 on its release date and as Philip Chapman described it, the issue of this thread is not on that end. The problem in question here is gone haywire.


    rjpianist, I also have had my moments of post-google regret but until this major messup I hadn't really experienced any serious problems for the 14 months I'd been using iCloud Calendar. There are many things about the iCloud Calendar that I really prefer over Google Calendar.


    iCloud mail is a different story. I did have problems with that and went back to Gmail-only for all mail of import. For example, I find iCloud's mail filtering to be extremely lacking in comparison to Gmail.


    This is very disheartening, and every day Apple lets it go by without fixing it makes me feel more like dumping them completely. Like you, I also rely on my calendar for my business.

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    I'm in the same situation cdanr. I'm really disappointed with the mail searching in iCloud. But, I would put up with that to be able to access everything on one tidy website. Unfortunately, it looks like there are more issues, though. UGH.

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    Today I spoke to a senior consultant at Apple and told him about the problem of recurring events disappearing and about all of us talking about it here.  He is directing the concern to the iCloud engineers.  I would suggest that if anyone is inclined to do so that you please call apple and ask for a senior level help person and specify that the problem is with the website.  This will help provide evidence regarding the nature of the problem which does not seem to be specific to any one device or browser.  The guy I talked to said a problem of this nature might take until the end of the week to solve.  I personally don't care how long it takes as long as they fix it and don't give us some lame workaround that takes forever and isn't a permanent solution.

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    I did wat h sed & strtd a discussion but nobody replied....

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    I really do not think this is an issue with updating to ios 6.1.  I am still on ios 6.0.2 on my iphone 5 and I have this "missing calender events" issue on described here.  For me, the problems started on Feb. 6, like most people have described.

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    There are issues with iOS 6.1, but this is not one of them.


    Whatever you do don't call Apple and say you think it is otherwise this will never be fixed!

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    Thanks for the suggestion, Stephanie in PA. I contacted Apple Support via a callback, briefly summarized the issue as you did, and then asked to be escalated to a Senior Consultant to get the issue forwarded to iCould engineers. I just hung up with Apple Support Senior Manager/Consultant Fabian Leija, who put my iCloud account in "troubleshooting mode" under the category of "loss of information", which means 1) that I temporarily get a new Apple generated iCloud password, and 2) with that password I consent to iCloud engineers accessing my account to investigate and restore my missing recurring events. He then said that it should take 1 day to resolve, but since it's Sunday and engineers don't work Sundays, then it might take up to 2 days to resolve, and that if they try to restore my events from a previous day (i.e. Feb 5 - day before this issue started), then I might lose all newly entered events since that date. I also fear that their trying to recreate my missing recurring events might wind me up with duplicates on my iPhone and iPad, as has already happened to some of you. While this might not be the best way to go because the issue is under the guise of data loss vs. an iCloud calendar display issue, I'm praying that upon taking a look at my account they might discover and fix whatever bug this truly is (vs. restoring an old snapshot of my calendar without perpetuating this issue). You all may want to do the same per Stephanie's suggestion... the more people who call Apple Support and escalate the better.

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    Do u think its just a coincidence then? That it was actually from 6 feb that my events disappeared too & ive just noticed it now once i updated my iPhone4? It could be the case as i don't actually rmber cheking my old events aftr 6 feb(i only chekd it aftr updating on 9 feb). Also, i was transferring my sisters old events from her hotmail calendar to iCloud calendar & found that the event just disappeared before my eyes! & since she hasnt updated her iPhone yet, im thinking ur right? That its maybe not to do with update. Still tho,my problem is to all my events before Feb2012(that r not even repeat). Am i even having the same problem as u guys? It must be the same thing -icloud is playing up.

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