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  • whoisclu Level 1 (0 points)

    so ive been having the same problem as everyone here but ive seem to have solved it


    I use recurring events to schedule out my classes but somehow it got all screwed up last week


    what i did was:

    1) locate the past events that were once repeating and not showing up in icloud (by searching or whatever)

    2) delete all instances of the event

    3) create a new repeating event at the next time you are scheduled to have it, (ie, tomorrow)


    while doing this, i came across an event I couldnt change the end date for. I discovered others whose end date were not what I had originally set them to be. These seem to be the problem.


    Good luck guys

  • Yesshows91 Level 1 (0 points)

    It has been over a week now since this problem started, so I thought I would give it another try.  I deleted one occurrence of a weekly repeating event, and saw the one occurrence delete properly.  I then logged out of, logged back in, and  -*shazam*-  the entire weekly series of repeated events was gone.


    Very frustrating.

  • Trencapins Level 1 (0 points)



    It happenned to me yesterday, suddenly repeated events were missing in my icloud but were present in my iphone or my ical. If this is the case with you I got with the solution:


    Go to an event that it is lost in your icloud but it is present in your iphone. Edit the even from the iphone and change something, a coma or put a space, whatever. Saved the even (done) and click you want the changes for future events. Once this is done, the events are appearing again in the icloud calendar.


    Hope this helps you.

  • cdanr Level 1 (20 points)

    Thank you for your suggestions, Trencapins, but many of us in here have already tried to change a recurring event and choose "all future occurrences". I'm happy to hear that it worked for you. When I try it the events do indeed reappear on the calendar however they disappear again every time.


    I simply can't believe Apple hasn't fixed this or at least publicly acknowledged it yet and given some indication that they're working on it.

  • clownfish.kov Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree with cdnar. Yes, changing an event like Trencapsins says is only a temporary fix. It seems to fix it for the rest of the day. But, bam! The next morning I come back to see my repeating event once again gone from iCloud. So I've just been changing the repeating event (adding a comma or an asterix) every day, but what a hassle!

  • whoisclu Level 1 (0 points)

    if you guys take a look at my previous post, my events are still all fixed


    this has proven to be the solution

  • clownfish.kov Level 1 (0 points)

    whoisclu-- can you re-post the solution?

  • austinfromolympia Level 1 (20 points)

    Thanks, whoisclu. This seemed to fix things for now. It took some work and thankfully I didn't have a lot to redo. But things look connected between my iPhone and

  • Adrian Sampson Level 1 (5 points)

    I'm in the same boat as everybody else on this thread. To add another data point, I'm seeing missing events not only on but also on my iPad 1, which is stuck on iOS 5. My iPhone (on iOS 6) and Mac (on Mountain Lion) seem to be unaffected. So mysterious!

  • cdanr Level 1 (20 points)

    Thanks, but I don't consider deleting all recurring events and then creating new ones from the next scheduled date of occurence a solution, sorry. I have 4 years of events, none of which I care to lose.


    The only 'solution' to this problem is for Apple to fix the calendar app. I'm beginning to doubt they ever will.

  • Jess from NJ Level 1 (0 points)

    I have finally decided to see if I can find an answer to this problem, as I have been experiencing this same issue.  I realized it about 2 weeks ago, when I decided to use iCloud at work when I am scheduling my clients in my office system.  I was tired of pulling out my iPhone to compare my work schedule and my home schedule.  I figured it would be quicker to use the iCloud.  HAH - that's when I saw that my standing appointments with clients, which are fine in my iPhone (as well as the 3 other iPhones it connects to and the MacBook iCal) were completely missing from the iCloud.  A quick look at the calendar in iCloud makes it appear that I am available during those times, when in reality I have standing weekly appointments booked with clients.

    This is more than just a nuisance - it could result in my double booking my time with clients - a BAD business move.

    After reading through this whole email train, I will say I have tried almost all of the options on my own, to no avail.  I agree completely with those that are frustrated with Apple's apparent ignoring of this issue.  I have been an Apple user since 1994, and iPhones are the only smartphones I have and will use.  But this is not an acceptable situation, and I look forward to an update to this iCloud issue with iCal dropping repeating events from the calendars.

    Sorry to have no solutions - but I feel that it is the responsibility of Apple engineers to provide us with the solution ASAP.

  • pprcutsnplastic Level 1 (0 points)

    I am also newly having this problem.


    For me, it appeared after I accidentally deleted my main calendar from iCloud and had to have an Apple engineer restore it from a backup into the server. Now, my Calendar on my new MacBook Pro has all the data just fine, but my iCloud browser calender, my first gen iPad and my iPhone 4 don't show any of the recurring events. I, too, am in danger of making overlapping business appointments, which would be a huge problem.


    For now, I've gone back to the old method of just syncing my iPhone and iPad calendars manuall with my computer, since I do that fairly often anyway and need them to be up to date. It's a big pain, though, so I hope Apple will act soon to fix it.

  • Chipoko Level 1 (0 points)

    The calenders on all hardward (iMac, macBook Air, iPad and iPhone) all appear to be updating any changes, but the iCloud calender persists in being useless.  Does Apple EVER listen to its customers?  I have already had one business appointment ****-up thanks to this unacceptable situation.  Apple - get your act together!  You may be the biggest company in the world, but you are no bigger than each individual customer.  Ultimately we will go elsewhere if you don't respect us.  Get off your butts and sort it - PRONTO!

  • pdebrow Level 1 (0 points)

    The issue appears to me (using 2 iPads, 1 iPhone, and a Windows PC Mozilla Firefox browser to view the webpage) that the problem could be stated as follows:


    1.     iCloud is providing cloud support to my Apple devices as designed

    Rationale: all three of my Apple devices are maintaining calendar data, both single and recurring events, consistantly (I have not conducted exhaustive tests to fully confirm this, but enough to convince me that

    it is as I describe nor have I exhaustively confirmed that other non-Calendar iCloud services are as designed.)


    2.     The website interface is treating recurring events capriciously, changing time of start/end (to PST?) or deleting them altogether.

    Rationale: my personal experiences and testing and those of other contributors to this discussion.


    3.     The website interface is treating single event Calendar items as designed.

    Rationale: Again, my personal experience, though I cannot say that I have exhaustively confirmed this,

    but I am satisfied that it is so.)


    I have a telephone conference scheduled for Monday, 18 February with Apple engineering to discuss the problem.  If you can clarify, add to or amend any of my findings as stated above or comment on the rationale

    it may help me in focusing on the problem in those discussions. 


    Remember that there may be other related or unrelated problems obfuscating this issue, so try to keep

    any input focused on the Discussion topic.  If we can get that fixed, then other problems will be diagnosed

    with more clarity.

  • ApBear Level 1 (0 points)

    Regarding your item 2:

    It is not capricious; IF YOU CHANGE one or more instances of a recurring event, but not all of them, icloud drops all other (unchanged) instances of that recurrning event.

    As for Pacific Standard Time, that is something completely different, probably due to your own settings.  (Look at your portable device and see what time zone you are set to, and what time zone you may have specified for certain events.)

    Be sure Apple understands that the issue with events disappearing from icloud on the web is PREDICTABLE and REPEATABLE.  They should be able to replicate the issue on their own devices and see events disappear from the cloud before their eyes.

    And be sure to tell them this started on Feb 6.  I can pinpoint the date.

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