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hi there, i am very upset since my iphone 4 stopped working, last night i connected it to my macbook pro and showed me that a new update was ready for4 my phone, i click on it and it started showing that it was downloading, afterwards when it was downloaded i continued to update the phone, just before the blue bar was showing that was almost ready something happened and showed me on the screen errror 6 (what is error 6?) after that it showed me on nthe screen that i needed to restore my phone in order to keep going, at this point it was showing on the screen the symbol of itunes and the little usb cord, after that it got stock and then it went black and never turned on again, my phone is dead, it doesnt work at all not connecting it to the computer nor the electricity, i dont know my IMEI number or serial number cuz i cant even turn it on, i dont have the box where it came either, what do i do? i need my phone to work asap. can u help me giving me a call with some instructions? right now i am in Mexico and i will be here for a while so i definitely need my phone working. can u call me please to a local numer. the number is 00529981091605, you can call me anytime, this is urgent.




iPhone 4, iOS 6.1, phone is totally dead