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I have a Late 2012 iMac 27" i7 3.4Ghz with a 30" Cinema using the DisplayPort Adapter and a 27" Cinema. My computer will go to sleep and randomly (Every three times or so) awake very slow and missing the 27" Cinema (never the 30"). I can fix the problem by hitting the power and putting the computer back to sleep and reawaking the computer and it will run fine. Hopefully there will be a fix soon.

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    Hi Kyle, easily could be a bug, but I can't test it.


    Open console in Applications>Utilities, check the system log for the date/time of the last problem  & the Wakeup right after that for clues.

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    Did it again this morning. I went into the Power Management Log:



    2/15/13 11:01:58 AM CST  Assertions              PID 121(coreaudiod) Released NoIdleSleepAssertion "com.apple.audio.'AppleHDAEngineOutputDP:0,1,0,1,0:0:{1006-9226-021ADB21}'.noid lesleep" 01:20:51  id:0x1000004f1 Aggregate:0x100240   

    Sleep/Wakes since boot:9   Dark Wake Count in this sleep cycle:8


    Time stamp                Domain                  Message                                                                        Duration      Delay    

    ==========                ======                  =======                                                                        ========      =====    

    UUID: 73C91ACB-642C-49D6-AD75-7BE7CCE8DE1B

    2/15/13 11:02:00 AM CST  Sleep                   Power Button Sleep Sleep: Using AC                                             12 secs  

    2/15/13 11:02:00 AM CST  SlowResponse            Kernel: Response from powerd is slow                                                         16000 ms     

    2/15/13 11:02:02 AM CST  SlowResponse            PMConnection: Response from mDNSResponder is slow (powercaps:0x0)                            1485 ms      

    2/15/13 11:02:02 AM CST  WakeRequests            Clients requested wake events: [proc=mDNSResponder request=Maintenance inDelta=3321]    

    2/15/13 11:02:02 AM CST  WakeRequests            PM scheduled RTC wake event: MaintenanceImmediate inDelta=3321.00             

    2/15/13 11:02:12 AM CST  Wake                    Wake due to EHC1/HID Activity: Using AC                                       

    2/15/13 11:02:18 AM CST  Assertions              PID 121(coreaudiod) Created NoIdleSleepAssertion "com.apple.audio.'AppleHDAEngineOutputDP:0,1,0,1,0:0:{1006-9226-021ADB21}'.noid lesleep" 00:00:08  id:0x100000a09 Aggregate:0x100242   

    2/15/13 11:02:44 AM CST  Assertions              PID 1011(diskmanagementd) Created PreventUserIdleSystemSleep "com.apple.diskmanagementd" 00:00:08  id:0x100000a2b Aggregate:0x100242   


    Total Sleep/Wakes since boot:10

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    I don't see any clues there as I'd hoped, I wonder, does the failure happen at a certain time of day, or certain a certain amount of sleep?