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I did the recent update for both my Ipad MINI and my Iphone 5.  Previous to this my "notes" were synched between the two. Since the upgrade, they have now disappeared and when I create a new one, it immediately deletes. Any suggestions?  I have things being backed up to the cloud (which shows I have tons of space) but Notes is turned "off" and it won't allow me to turn it back on, insisting I create an icloud account... I'm confused... any help is appreciated.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1
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    What are you syncing your notes with? In order to sync between the two devices, they have to sync with an e-mail account. An iCloud account is most convenient if you're not syncing them with something else already.


    Note that "syncing" and "backing up" are two completely different things.

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    Hi, I have it being backed up to an icloud account (all other apps are backing up ok) but when I looked, the notes app was turned "off" for backup. When I try to turn it on, it is insisting that I create a new icloud account. When I try to use my existing one, it keeps saying "create new, user already exists". I'm stuck in a loop and not too sure how it happened. Other than I updated OS on both the Ipad and the Iphone (exact same issue on both units).  Thanks. 


    Also, I didn't do the initial setup. The techs did it at the apple store so I'm not clear how this is setup (to answer your "synch" vs "backup" question). I'm assuming it is a synch as it's on both units but have no idea where that setting is.


    I missed the "smart bus" on this it seems...

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    Notes must sync with an email account. It is not insisting you create a new iCloud account, it is asking you to set up a new iCloud.com email account (which is part of your iCloud account).