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(I've done a lot of searching for a clear answer but without success.)


Can someone please advise how I can get the "On My Mac" calendars on iCal v4.0.4 (running under Snow Leopard 10.6.8) to sync with an iPhone and Google Calendars,  'over the air' (i.e. not via iTunes) and both ways (two-way syncing).


There was a great bit of software called Spanning Sync which did it all but it's now discontinued. I'm running Snow Leopard and do NOT want to upgrade to OS Lion.


I've tried the iCloud route but it just creates an extra set of "@me.com" calendars under the "On My Mac" calendars - it is not syncing the "On My Mac" calendars themselves (and I want to use the "On My MAc" calendars as the master dataset (the 'Truth database' to use an Apple term!).


... And the same happens when I try to sync my Google Calendars: another set of "@google.com" calendars appear.


Now instead of 2 calendars in iCal I have 6: 2 On My Mac calendars, 2 iCloud ones, and 2 Google ones. (This is not progress Apple!)


Hope someone can advise.


Many thanks.