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I have video podcasts appearing in the podcast portion of itunes as available but not audio.  how do you get the audio podcasts to appear

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    Do you mean that you have separate video and audio podcasts? Each would have to have been submitted separately, and once accepted you would get an email giving you the Store page URL. It's not really possible to comment unless you would like to publish the URLs of both your feed and the Store page (where there is one) - this latter can be found by control-clicking on the podcast image (or where it should be) - and choosing 'Copy link'.  Please include the http:// in both cases to make the links clickable.

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    let me try to be a little more clearer.. i have a subscription with a podcasting service company.  It allows me to store both audio and video podcast.  The site makes available a RSS feed to submit to the app store to make accessable all available podcast store on my account.  All the video podcast i have are showing but the audio podcast(mp3) do not show in the app store as being available. The link i get in the email that said the podcast was under review did show both.

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    Same response.