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Kirby Krieger Level 6 (12,510 points)



Noticed this a couple of days ago and finally took the time to look into it.  When I select "Fit within" as part of any Image Export Preset, Aperture is enlarging ("up-rezzing") Images that are smaller than the set parameters.  It does this with either JPG or TIFF specified.



Image size in Aperture: 4328 x 2441

Image export setting: TIFF, Fit within 5,000 x 5000 px.

Exported file image dimensions: 5000 x 2820



Image size in Aperture: 2941 × 4002

Image export setting: JPG, Fit within 8,000 x 8,000 px.

Exported file image dimensions:  5879 × 8000


This is not at all what I want or what I expect.


Can someone confirm that this is how it works with their installation?

Does it make sense?

Didn't it used to work "correctly" -- that is, to shrink as needed and never to enlarge?



MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion, 16 GB RAM; 500 GB SSD; NEC; Munki
  • Frank Caggiano Level 7 (25,722 points)

    I can confirm that is how it is working in the latest of both Aperture and OS.


    I don't remember for sure how it use to work but not upsizing seems to ring a bell.

  • Kirby Krieger Level 6 (12,510 points)

    Frank -- thanks for the speedy confirmation.  Much appreciated.


    .  Gah, that throws a monkey wrench in a workflow I use frequently.


  • léonie Level 10 (90,960 points)


    I checked on my Snowleopard machine with Aperture 3.2.4 - it also will blow up the the exported image when I use "fit within" on an image smaller than the specified size, exactly the same as with AP 3.4.3 on MacOS X 10.8.2.


    I never noticed, when this did change. You might try the Trial, to check it Aperture 3.1.2 really was behaving differently.