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I'm putting together a video podcast. My web hosting provider is GoDaddy and my video files can only be given a "https" address that would then be my only option to use for the enclosure tags. I know this is going to cause problems when it comes time to verify the feed. I'm curious if it's even possible to adjust any of the code in the XML file to make an "https" file work? Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas as to how I could work around this?

  • Roger Wilmut1 Level 9 (75,139 points)

    If the URL is https then that's what it is and the feed has to include that. However it's very probable that the iTunes Store won't like it. I'm not clear why you think you have to use https, though - some of my websites are on GoDaddy and they are perfectly normal http. You should check with GoDaddy support about this.

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    Thanks for the reply Roger. I checked with GoDaddy first and they confirmed that my video files would and could only be https. I can't change it. The nature of the hosting plan I have automatically assigns a https address to uploaded video that is shared this way. I figured itunes store and a https address would cause problems.