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Hey everyone,


my 9-month old harddrive died on me 2 weeks ago. I'm living in Argentina at the moment, roughly half a world away from my installation disk. My backup drive has been sent over from Germany now and I managed to get a new (overpriced) harddrive over here.

After I couldn't get a hold of the MAC OS X CD quick enough, I got an Apple Approved Technician to install Snow Leopard / do a complete restore of my backup through Time Machine.


I've just come home and sadly realized though, that they did the complete restore of the earliest backup from March 2012 and not the latest from September 2012.


When I open time machine, it shows the latest back-up date as September 28th on the right hand side but all dates later than March 1st are greyed out and i can't click on them. Though all those files from the latest back-up are still visible in Finder on the external backup harddrive .


I've searched for ages now, trying to find someone that has the same problem, but can't find anyone.


Please can somebody tell me what I need to do to be able to do a complete back-up restore to the latest date aka September 28th?

(I still don't have an actual MAC OS X Disk as they did everything in their office)


Anyone that's ever lived in Argentina can probably imagine my frustration and that I'm close to a heartattack - so any help would be greatly appreciated!


Cheers, Falko

MacBook (13-inch Aluminum Late 2008), Mac OS X (10.6.8)