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New imac with Retina display, Running windows 7 pro in bootcamp. Some of the programs the type look fussy. I have tried adjusting the resolution and the DPI to smallest but still a little fussy. If I use the maginfier everything looks really bad. Any Ideas?

iMac, Windows 7
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    The iMac hasn't got Retina display. It's only for some MacBooks Pro. In this case, if you use Magnifier, it's normal that it looks fussy

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    I bought my first Mac based PC in December 2012 and everything looks really nice, high textured icons but the text is very bad. Pixelated and fat. There is no real solution as OSX magifies the text thickness according to size whereas Windows only resizes the height and width of text not the thickness of letters and text remains slim and sharp compared to OSX' fat and fuzzy text.