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Hi all!


my questions are underlined and italisized

First off,


My school is interested in purchasing a Pro Server. It isn't the server we have questions about... Spending 10,000 on a server, we should know how we can use it.




Currently we have 150 iMacs. Each mac has an Administrator Account and an account called Student. This Student account is ran using simple finder and limited application that we choose to allow.


My situation:


We are very interested in purchasing a server but we would like to use it for the following:

     We would have the server in a locked office downstairs. This server would have 275 network accounts on it. Each account would have its own home folder to save stuff in. When I say that, I mean that the students would be logging into an account, their own network account.




Could someone give me a very guided walkthrough of how to do this step by step? If not, can you at least guide me through. I also will show this to the administration at the school so they understand the steps I will be taking to set up the computers.


NOW my question:


How will I be setting up the network accounts on the client computer connecting to the server? Also this is one of my main concerns. How will I choose what applications each network user has access through using the Server app (I would like to select apps like Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Safari for each network account). Or how will I limit what they have access to? Then, is simple finder allowed on network accounts? Is parental controls at least allowed on network accounts? I use both of those to limit what students have access to.


So, if someone could give me a video walkthrough on how to setup network accounts that have simple finder enabled and limited appciations that  Ichoose that would be great. If not, a detailed, guided walkthrough would be greatly appreciated.

Mac OS X Server, OS X Server, I need help on answering questions.