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i recently updated my ipad 2 iOS to 6.1, and because I also changes my computer, my ipad will not sync and so it prompted me to format my ipad to factory setting, which i agreed after backing up all my contact information.


after that, I downloaded my ipad apps from itunes store on my computer hoping that it can be transferred to my ipad2 via USB. i dragged and drop the apps that I want to place in my ipad and press sync button on the lower right corner of itunes, but it didn't work. no apps were transferred after I pressed sync, even though I have successfully sync my music from my itunes to my ipad.


can anyone help?

iPad 2, iOS 6.1
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    Did you try selecting the apps to sync in the Apps Tab of iTunes rather than drag and drop?



    This explains how to select apps to sync.


    Connect the iPad to the computer and launch iTunes.

    Click on the iPad name on the left side under devices.

    Click on the Apps Tab on the right.

    Select all of the apps that you want to sync.

    Click on the Sync Apps Heading.

    Click on Apply in the lower right corner of iTunes




    If running iTunes 11 - go to View>Show Sidebar at the top of the screen to enable the sidebar.