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I need to edit a DVD of my students' performances, to submit with a grant application.  I cannot figure out how to do this, working from the DVD and not the camera (I wasn't the one who videotaped it; I was directing it!). 


Can this be done?  And if so, in simple language, please.  I've tried making sense of some of the other postings on this topic and cannot follow how this would work.


Thanks so very much!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8), also have iMovie and iDVD
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    The above is being given for free for another 17 hours. Never tried it, but it seems to be what you are looking for.


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    You need to convert the VOB files in the TS-Folder of the DVD back to DV which iMovie is designed to handle. For that you need mpegStreamclip:



    which is free, but you must also have the  Apple mpeg2 plugin :



    (unless you are running Lion in which case see below))

    which is a mere $20.


    Another possibility is to use DVDxDV:



    which costs $25.


    For the benefit of others who may read this thread:


    Obviously the foregoing only applies to DVDs you have made yourself, or other home-made DVDs that have been given to you. It will NOT work on copy-protected commercial DVDs, which in any case would be illegal.


    And from the TOU of these forums:


    Keep within the Law

    1. No material may be submitted that is intended to promote or commit an illegal act.
    2. Do not submit software or descriptions of processes that break or otherwise ‘work around’ digital rights management software or hardware. This includes conversations about ‘ripping’ DVDs or working around FairPlay software used on the iTunes Store.


    If you are running Lion:


    From the MPEG Streamclip homepage


    The installer of the MPEG-2 Playback Component may refuse to install the component in Lion. Apple states the component is unnecessary in Lion, however MPEG Streamclip still needs it. See this:



    To install the component in Lion, please download MPEG Streamclip 1.9.3b7 beta above; inside the disk image you will find the Utility MPEG2 Component Lion: use it to install the MPEG-2 Playback Component in Lion. The original installer's disk image (QuickTimeMPEG2.dmg) is required.


    The current versions of MPEG Streamclip cannot take advantage of the built-in MPEG-2 functionality of Lion. For MPEG-2 files you still need to install the QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback Component, which is not preinstalled in Lion. You don't have to install QuickTime 7.

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    Ooops. I didn't read the entire page for the software I suggested. It clearly says it lets one rip commercial dvds.

    Something MpegStreamclip doesn't do. I'd delete my post but I don't know how. Sorry .


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    I looked at the link to MPEG Streamclip but there was some language about the possibiity of something being deleted, and I am nervous anytime that is a possibility, because Murphy's Law always seems to come into play in situations like this.


    Any other options for making this work?


    Am kind of surprised that Apple doesn't have a simple, intuitive way of making this work.....

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    Don't worry about MPEG Streamclip.

    Just about every mac user has this software.

    It is safe and easy to use.


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    I fully agree with zyfert. MPEG Streamclip is a very reliable product and has been around for years. It's an invaluable tool to have on your Mac. And it's free!


    It can also be used to extract stills from video - see AppleMan1958's User Tip (including a video tutorial) here:



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    OK, found out that I have the MPEG Streamclip already on my Mac.  Checked out the DVDxDV but it was $80, so not planning to go that route unless nothing else works.  Looked at the Apple mpeg plug in but am not 100% sure which one I need----have OS 10.6.8. 


    Once I have both of these, what is the sequence to put the DVD into iMovie?  Do I insert the DVD first or open one of these programs or.....???????


    Thank you so much!  I need to have this finished by Monday, so not sure how much sleep I'll be getting this weekend!

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    Just follow the instructions that AppleMan has given you above:

    Disregard the Lion/Mountain Lion installation if your OSX precedes that and just do the rest.


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    Make sure that you have the icon of the DVD on your desktop. Open mpegStreamclip and drag that icon into Streamclip's window, and select what conversion you need.


    Make a coffee, this conversion is not instant either.

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    OK, have DVD on desktop, have opened mpeg streamclip and have dragged icon for DVD onto streamclip's window.    But am not seeing anything to select, and the only way it "does" anything is if I click on the arrow at the bottom.  Is this correct, or have I missed a step somewhere?


    Thank you for your patience!!!

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    You drag the TS Folder to the streamclip window.

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    I suggest you take a few minutes and reaad my user tip one more time.

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    I even printed off your instructions.  It appears that once I "drag the VIDEO TS folder from the DVD into MPEG Streamclip" that it should start working on the video, but it just sits there, unless I click one of the arrows at the bottom of the page.  It doesn't ask any questions, just sits there.  So between the information I quoted and the next part, when you "FILE/EXPORT USING QUICKTIME" you don't need to do or select anything to make this happen?


    Sorry to be slow on figuring this out.  Thank you for your help!

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