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My phone is at capacity and I want to update to the new iOS.  I have some really sentimental pictures on my phone and I don't want to delete them if they will be lost.  I have them saved on my MacBook in iPhoto in my library.  If I delete the pictures on the phone will they be deleted on my computer?  As long as I have a copy of them on my computer I am fine.  Thanks for your help. 

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1
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    I have them saved on my MacBook in iPhoto in my library.

    How did you import them into your iPhoto Library on your Mac?


    Did you connect the phone and download them? Or do you just see them in the PhotoStream on your Mac? If they are only in the Photo Stream, you still need to import them. But if you see them in an event in your iPhoto Library on your mac, they have been properly imported and are save.


    But anyway, to be really sure, that you will not risk losing your photos, create a current backup of your iPhoto library, before you start deleting photos anywere.

    And do you backup your iPhone regularly when syncing it? The backup will contain the contents of your camera roll.