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I understand this product is not Apple-branded, but any help or suggestions anyways would be greatly appreciated.


I have the Tour edition of the Beats by Dre earphones (they are “in-ear” headphones). Earlier today, the left earbud stopped playing music from my iMac, while the right earbud continued transmitting. I realized that for some reason, the left earbud had stopped working.


I have read multiple reviews telling me to make sure the headphone jack is plugged in, straighten the cord, change the “ear cushion,” or even blow into the headphone. None of these worked. I would like to avoid having to return the headphones; I’m hoping the problem can be self-resolved.


There are two things I have noticed that may also be important. First, I can slightly hear the music again if I completely balance sound to the left in settings. Second, the sound is only slightly lower if I take off the ear cushion; however, when I put it back on the sound cuts out again, regardless of the size or shape of the ear cushion.


Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated; please keep in mind that any self-resolving advice is preferred. Thanks!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    I have the same problem, last year it started to buzz on the left ear and some how i fixed it, and it happened to me again yesterday. i think the problem is the earbud. When i took the earbud out and listen, its all clear, but when i put it back on, it starts to buzz and crackle in different movements of my head. but i was pleased with the sound quality on these. but poor functionality i guess.