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So my cousin in India asked me to buy an unlocked iPhone 5 for her from the US to give to her when I go and visit in a few weeks. I just wanted to know if anyone knew the process behind activating an unlocked iPhone 5 in India that was bought in the US (I've heard that the nano-SIM makes the process different/more complicated).


Do only certain providers in India support unlocked iPhone 5s right now or do all providers there now have the nano-SIM technology to activate it? Thank you all for your responses in advance.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1
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    There are 2 supported carriers in India. Aircel and Airtel.


    The activation process is no different or more complicated than it is with any other iPhone.


    Your cousin needs to be aware that if you do this, it can only be serviced in the US and it will not work with LTE networks outisde of North America.