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I recently updated my IOS to 6.1 per the phone indicating an update was available.  After the install, it appeared that everything was fine.  When I went to listen to my music, the Music app would open and I could go to the song that I wanted to listen to but when I pressed the play icon, the screen woud lock up and would not respond to any other touches.  After a few seconds, the app would kick me back out to the songs in the album.  After a few tries that would react just like this, instead of kicking me back to the album, it would totally kick me out of the app and back to the home screen of the phone.  I can't listen to any of my music.  I tried to restore the OS and I tried to reload a backup but when I get back to 6.1, I still have the issue.  Any thoughts?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1