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Okay, I have an interesting one here.  Has never happend to me before...


I have finished the video placement for a 6:35 video and started placing my titles/text.  Anything I place after 1:00 (one minute), does not appear on the screen. Anything before that point appears normally.  If I place the beginning of the title at 0:59 the text will show up just fine for as long as I stretch it out, but if it starts after 1:00...nothing.


I have tried restarting FCP X but that hasn't solved the problem.


I'll poke around a bit more, but web searches didn't turn up anyone else with this problem.


This is a mix of 720P and 1080P footage and a couple different frame rates.  There are a lot of little clips in here, but it doesn't seem more complex than anything I've done in the past.


Thanks for any feedback,



FCP X 10.0.7

MBP running 10.6.8