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So I have duplicate contacts on my iPhone 4s AND in iCloud! Fifty or more contacts have multiple identical listings. (Up to 5 or 6 duplicates for some.)

A very nice woman, Alexandra, walks me through several steps to try and fix my problem. Having no success she asks me to restore my phone. I objected and said I was afraid I would lose some data. She said not to worry it was all backed up on iCloud. I asked at least 3 times if she was sure that everything would be restored and she "promised" me it would. So I restored my phone.


I have lost all of my photos, which are irreplaceable because they were taken with the phone and NOT BACKED UP!!! I also lost all my music but most of it is on my computer.


I can't believe this!!


So, Alexandra scheduled me for a call back to make sure everything worked alright and another person calls me and tries to get me to start the process all over. I told him what happened and told him I wanted to talk to a supervisor because I am very disappointed and angry. He puts me on hold and comes back and says, "Okay, I have a senior support person on the line and he will take care of everything." I swear, he really said that. Then he hung up and there was silence. I said, "Hello", and soon there was a click and I was disconnected.



iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1