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I am looking for a mail merge solution for OS X.


I'm not looking for anything too fancy, just something where I can import some records (e.g. from Excel or found sets exported as Excel from FileMaker Pro) and format them nicely, perhaps use HTML mail, and I would like to be able to easily preview them before sending them out.


Word's mail merge tool requires changing my default mail app to either Entourage (Word 2008) or Outlook (Word 2011) and I would like to keep using Apple Mail.


FileMaker Pro's mail merge is, to be honest, clunky. You have to build the mails using FileMaker expressions, which are hard to format, there is no preview, and, well, I personally don't think it works in an easy way.


Online contact solutions like Mail Chimp and Constant Contact I do use for newsletters, but as a general mail merge solution they don't work well either because there is limited flexibility in the fields which can be imported and for other reasons. I basically limit their mail merge ability to getting the customer's name personalized and let it go at that.


Is there a good solution people use for general day-to-day mail merge use?





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    I personally know nothing about mail merge solutions per se, but if I were looking for one, I would open the Mac's App Store and search for "Mail Merge".  I just tried that and here's what I found:


    Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 9.30.19 PM.png


    These products seem to have a reasonable number of reviewers' stars.


    Anyway, hope this helps.

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    I use SerialMailer:




    which seems to do the job I need. I want to typically send 50 to 100 emails at a time, personalised. I think it can do html mail too, but I haven't tried that.

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    Thanks people.


    I looked at the three found at the Mac App Store. The first and last ones did not really seem to be mail merge. The middle one is a bit pricey, so I would want to test it first. I found the developer's site and they seemed to have a download trial, but I could not get it to download.


    But SerialMailer seemed exactly perfect for what I wanted to do. I could preview, use formatted emails, and even track the progress as the mails were sent out. And they all arrived just fine. And it's only $29.95. I believe I will go with that.


    Thanks for your help, people.



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    Hi all,


    For anyone who did end up using SerialMailer, I have a question: does it let you change the reply-to?


    My office is trying to send out a mass email to alumni, and we would like to send it from my boss's address but have any replies or bounce-backs come to my address. Is there a way to do that with this program?


    Thank you!



  • Doug Lerner2 Level 4 (1,030 points)

    I just opened it up to check and the answer is yes.


    In Preferences, select the account. There are 3 tabs: Info, Server and Advanced.


    In the Info tab you just set the sender's name and address.


    In the advanced tab there is a field to optionally set the reply-to address.



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    Thank you so much for the fast reply, Doug! I am definitely considering this product.