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Hi there,


Does anybody know what the most reliable way to connect a bluetooth stereo headset to a MacBook Pro is?  (OS 10.6.8)


So far, the behaviour of my MacBook Pro looks randam.

- Sometimes, it refuses to use my headset.  "Cannot use this device", it says.

- Sometimes, it establishes connection with my headset, but when I launch iTunes after that, iTunes plays through the builtin speaker, not through my headset.

- Sometimes, it establishes connection and iTunes plays through it, but the "mono" option is selected and I hear monoral music.

- Sometimes, it establishes a stereo connection at the first try and iTunes uses it right away.

What's going on?


My headset works perfectly well with my iPod Nano 7th Generation and my iPhone 4.  Every single time.   Always stereo without exception.


In passing, does anybody know how to disable the "mono" option on my MacBook?   That would eliminate at least one problem.