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my phone battery remains 2 day if i charged it with wallsocket, but when i charge it from my pc through the USB cable then the charge stay for less then 1 day.

dont know why, can any 1 help me to get out from this or what to do with my phone?

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1, White 8GB
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    Do you use your mobile in save way daily? I mean do you use it for calls only or net and so on....?


    I have not heard yet that iPhone gets working for 2 days ... using internet and other services...


    I noticed difference in charging time when you charge from mains or from USB...


    Please be more specific



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    Well, tested, and strangely, seems like you are right...


    With normal use phone/services/net...and even 3d game between this and that.


    2013-02-10 19.26.12.png