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I have 2 id's for apple from over my 9 years of having an .mac account, which became mobile me - then icloud - now with iOS I've been asked to sign in with an email - so there are now conflicting accounts, some purchases with one account, some in my original account - this is very frustrating as you can imagine as my devices don't always sync - and I really want them too.


Please can someone help me with combining these two id's so I can have all my purchases under one account, I don't want to loose anything I've paid for! And then finally only have 1 ID.


Thanks in advance.


G5 Dual 2, Mac OS X (10.5.5), slammed with RAM
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    Unfortunately, you are not able to combine or merge accounts nor are you able to transfer the ownership of content from one account to the other. You will need to choose one of your accounts going forward and use that exclusively.

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    I have the same problem -

    Apple doesn't seem to care to resolve this long standing problem.

    What a hassle trying to download updates & merge & share Data between Apple devices.


    Lucky it is a competitive marketplace, i have loved Apple products & currently most of my portfolio is Apple stock but it seems every day they get a little more arrogant.


    Every day Android gets bigger & better & is certainly more flexible.


    If Apple can't fix basic & known problems - we vote with our wallets & sell their stock before the world catches on.