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I have a bunch of audio lectures that I want iTunes to treat as podcasts, so that I can listen to them through the Podcasts app on my iPhone 5. I prefer the interface of the Podcasts app over the Music app for lecture listening, especially with the feature of playback continuing where it left off, so this is important to me.

Setting Media Kind in iTunes to podcast works fine for the first 'album' that I try, but as soon as I do it to files from a second album, the Podcasts app on my iPhone merges them into the first 'album' / podcast. iTunes on my Mac does keep the new podcasts separate, but as soon as I sync them with my iPhone, the Podcasts app just adds all of the rest of the files I've sync'd in with the first album that I added.

These lectures all came from the same publisher (FYI I legally own them), but I've removed all metadata related to the publisher that I can see in iTunes. There's nothing as far as I can tell that is telling iTunes to group them together, but it keeps on doing it anyway. In fact, while troubleshooting I tried converting a music album that was completely unrelated to these lectures into a podcast, and it also was merged in the Podcasts app with the original podcast I created, once sync'ing with my iPhone.

iPhone 5, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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