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i want to install the andriod SDK and get the emulator for the purpose of the mobile programming.

But I have a big problem to use the ~/.bash_login or ~/.profile or ~/.bashrv to login and assign the $PATH.



Inside the Terminal_Bash window:

Last login: Thu Feb  7 04:21:45 on ttys004

Paul-Lees-MacBook-Pro:~ paullee$ ~/.bash_login

-bash: /Users/paullee/.bash_login: No such file or directory

Paul-Lees-MacBook-Pro:~ paullee$


All the time it show the error "no such file or directory"...How can I fix this problem?


Alfred Li

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Back up all data.
    Shell ▹ New Command
    from the Terminal menu bar. Copy and paste the following line into the text box that opens:
    mkdir disabled_shell_files; mv .profile .bash* $_
    Your old shell initialization and history files will be saved in a directory with the indicated name at the top level of your home directory.

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    what you ask me is create a new directory called "disabled_shell_files" and move the old file ".bash*" to the new ".profile " file .

    But under my bash directory, when I type ~/.profile, error is "No such file or directory".

    Do you think I need to find the .profile it located?

    I have type find /-name ".profile" -type f -print, then I got the message is

    find: /.fseventsd: Permission denied

    find: /.Spotlight-V100: Permission denied

    find: /.Trashes: Permission denied

    Then what I can do for it. It sound like I don't have the permission doing anything. But this computer should be used by me only at home. I should be the only user. Should be no other administrator or user.  And I use this computer all the time just as a normal person. And I have fixed the permission in the utility app too. Still show this problem.

    Please help!

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    Sorry, my mistake.  I know very little about the unix command. I confused the old and new file. Sorry...


    I should type "~/.bash*" try to find the file , but show

    -bash: /Users/paullee/.bash_history: Permission denied

    Then I type "~/.bash* $_" try to find the file , but show

    -bash: /Users/paullee/.bash_history: Permission denied

    if I type the "echo $_", it show


    it show that only have the bash history file is existed. And I have no permission on this file.

    That is another surprise, Even I ahve fixed the perimission in utiity app. NO luck too.


    Please Help!

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    You are not ready to use the shell. I can't teach you how to use it here. You need to work through a book, with exercises. If there's a specific task you need to do right away, I may be able to give you a copy-and-paste solution.


    Shell Scripting Primer: Introduction