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In order to test Apple Configurator deployment of VPP purchased apps to iPads, I've purchased a single copy of an app from the VPP Store using my Apple Facilitator account. I've downloaded the redemption code spreadsheet and used the single code it contains to download the app via iTunes to a Mac using a different Apple account. I've then quit from iTunes and added the app to Apple Configurator on the same Mac by browsing to the appropriate iTunes folder. After importing the redemption code spreadsheet to Apple Configurator I see, as expected, that I have 1 available copy of the app to deploy. However, when I try and deploy the app on a single supervised iPad, I get an "App not authorized" error from Apple Configurator. I can install free apps without a problem. I've read in a similar Configurator posting that I need to ensure that Apple Configurator is connected to the same account I used for the iTunes download via Apple Configurator Preferences, but the Preferences menu contains no reference to Apple Account settings.

Apple Configurator 1.2.1, Mac OS X (10.7.5)