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Hi there,


Uploaded my latest episode (Episode 29) last night. It updates and downloads in the iphone podcast app, but when searching for it in itunes store it shows Episode 28 as most recent and no sign of Episode 29.


Anyone got any ideas why please?


Links are below. Thank you!




RSS Feed: http://t.co/KfrQMK0a

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    When you add a new episode to your feed and upload it, it appears immediately for subscribers because their iTunes application reads the feed directly and the Store is not involved.


    However because of the huge number of podcasts in the Store (thousands) the Store caches the feed and checks it for updates periodically. For this reason it usually takes 1-2 days for new episodes to appear in the Store: sometimes it can be less, and occasionally the whole process seems to get stuck and it can take several days.


    Your latest episode shows when subscribing: it should appear in the Store in the next couple of days.

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    Thanks Roger. Very helpful.


    So I guess people who press subscribe will still get the latest one?


    Is it generally better to give people the RSS feed rather than the iTunes link so as to guard against letting down people Who don't use iTunes?

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    Yes,  new and existing subscribers will see it immediately (or within a short time for existing subscrbers). Giving people the feed requires them to know how to subscribe manually in iTunes, which some may not. Substituting itpc for http at the start of the URL will subscribe them automatically but only for Mac users, and Window users who already have iTunes installed - if they don't they will get an error. Giving the Store page URL does make subscribing easier all round but you do have the 1-2 day delay.

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    Thanks Roger. Very helpful.


    One other question please. I've had a few people from listeners in the US and other countries saying that when they click my iTunes Store link that iTunes tells them the podcast can only be accessed in the UK store.


    Do you know why that would happen and if there is a way around it?


    Thank you

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    I'm surprised to hear that, as usually podcasts in English are available in both the US and UK stores. They can change their Store by clickin on the link at the bottom right of the page, but it's easier if you just give them the feed URL and tell them to subscribe manually.

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    Thanks for the advice.


    The show still isn't showing in the iTunes Store. Been about four days now.


    Would it make any sense to resubmit it?


    About to upload the next one and not sure what to do.


    Generally speaking, are there any pluses or minuses to using either Libsyn or soundcloud to host podcasts do you think?

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    It's only just over 48 hours - it was posted February 7, 2013 01:17 (UK time) - it should appear eventually.


    Libsyn seems to work OK. I don't know much about Soundcloud but I'm suspicious of it - if it's one of these file sharing sites that takes you to a page with a download link and/or an embedded player it probably won't work.

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    Actually ZERO podcasts, across the entire iTunes catalogue, have been updated since the 6th. There is a widespread problem. Search twitter as well, you'll find loads of people from loads of different podcasts talking about it.


    I put my latest episode up on wednesday night and it still hasn't shown up.


    There is absolutely nothing normal about it taking 3+ days to update.

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    jost1 wrote:


    There is absolutely nothing normal about it taking 3+ days to update.

    Not normal, perhaps, though 3 days is not entirely unusual. As it happens, the posts I've answered here have almost all been from people who have posted relatively recently enough that you wouldn't expect to see their new episodes up yet. (In couple of cases the poster had caused problems himself.)


    I wouldn't like to confirm that every one of several thousand podcasts was failing to update but a quick check of a few of the BBC podcasts does show that there have been no updates since the 6th.


    The problem that kicked a lot of these complaints off - an inability to submit a podcast - appears to be being cleared: I don't know if the updating issue is related to that. As I say, we've seen some podcasters' updates get stuck for some days from time to time.


    Whatever the reason, I'm afraid it's just a question of waiting until it gets sorted out.